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What Are Motorcycle Vests?

What Are Motorcycle Vests?

Motorcycle vests are one of the most recognizable accessories alongside novelty helmets motorcycle one could easily spot without much trouble when talking about adding a bit of dashing element to the whole attire while giving certain benefits like shielding you from wind, dust, rain, light hail and heat. Well, that’s not the only thing it can supposedly do. Wondering how?

Well, it can be a good way to even show your rebel, protest or stand for a cause with the help of certain prints and designs for the same.

Going down the historical lines of motorcycle vests and motorcycle low profile helmets, these can be traced back to the second world-war wherein the surviving war veterans would break their monotonous journey back home by adding the element of some excitement motorcycle.

These machines aka motorcycles were now getting better and better with time and development. This development brought in the need for making this- ride on a motorcycle a bit safer, and hence the motorcyclist now made use of the jackets of the war and it was a very general thing to see people riding a motorcycle wearing bomber jackets like standard B 10, AN J 3 and the amazingly cool leather A 2, know what this is?  Leather A2 is the none other than those jackets which we today see displayed at once when asked for a leather jacket at any of the clothing shops.

Later on in the era of the 50s, these jackets turned into one of the logos for those who drove motorcycles which was followed by a boost in the decades of 70s, 80s and 90s wherein there was resurgence in leather jackets along with various cuts and has never stopped any further in this decade as fashion trends focused more on vintage looks and style.

Well to the last part of the whether you should own a motorcycle vest. Firstly, why not? It’s a definite try as it is not only trendy for all the motorcyclists and gives you an amazing happiness boost; that is guaranteed. Also, it simply shields and protects you from wind and gusty weather, also if it’s a leather vest, then voila, you can use it as statement style and wear it all day and stay cozy.

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